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1 - What is the Word Counter Tool?2 - But what will help me? What is it for?3 - Word Checker Features:4 - What types of text does it count?

Use our website calculator to check the text size with or without spaces.

What is the Word Counter Tool?

The online word counter on our platform, OnliTools, is intended to be a free calculator that will count characters, words, paragraphs, letters, among others. Therefore, a very useful, effective, and objective tool to help from textual works check, publications on social networks, to texts from your daily life that requires you to know the number of characters.

But what will help me? What is it for?

The counter comes in as a real “hand” at times when you need help to know if the number of characters (size) of your text, sentence, publication is adequate. In addition, the number of words can interfere with the quality of reading, the aesthetics of the text, so this app is indicated for users who regularly publish in different social networks and areas of communication, for writers, for students of different levels of education, blog posts, for people who require strength in their day-to-day tasks.

Word Checker Features:

In addition to knowing how many characters, the website calculator has a wide range of functionalities: counting with spaces, getting the length without spaces, the limit of characters allowed in various social networks. Furthermore, the user can customize the desired threshold, so the counter becomes a complete tool for its function.

What types of text does it count?

It can be used in texts for any type of software and files: excel, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and PDF. In addition to being able to be used for social networks and messenger apps, such as SMS Text, Instagram, Super Chat YouTube, Twitter - Tweet, Chat YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook Page - Description, LinkedIn - About You, Reddit Title, LinkedIn - Summary, Pinterest - Bio and SMS Text. It is possible to count texts in several languages, English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Russian, and others.

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